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interview and interrogation techniques training

Interview and Interrogation Techniques:

False Confessions – Contaminated Statements.

Three Fatal Flaws and How Interviewers Can Avoid Them
(60 min course)

Stan B. Walters, Instructor

More and more we are seeing the court system directly address the types of interview and interrogation techniques being used during the investigation process. In particular there appears to be an increase in the legal challenges regarding coercion.  However, the courts are also addressing contamination and a rampant misdiagnosis of deception cues proffered in training programs.

The Innocence Project reports that of all the cases of wrongful conviction overturned using DNA evidence, 25% were caused by false confessions. Of major significance is the fact that in 75% of the overturned cases, faulty and contaminated victim and witness interviews were a major contributing factor. 

In nearly every case successfully challenged, the interviewer committed three fatal errors that contributed to these miscarriages of justice. This course provides insight into those errors and how can they be avoided.

This course is applicable to you if you are in any for the following fields:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Fire Service
  • Military
  • Intelligence
  • Loss Prevention
  • Risk Management

During this interview and interrogation techniques training course

  • Your takeaways will include:
  • The background information on why this issue is so critical for all interviewers.
  • How and why we all may be misreading lie signs.
  • The secrets to avoiding confirmation bias.
  • The 3 critical interview and interrogation flaws you need to know and avoid.
  • The remedies available to reduce false confessions and contaminated statements 

This course is approximately 1 hour. Course includes an exam and certificate is awarded for a passing score.

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