Interview and Interrogation Techniques: Understanding Subject Reaction – Response Behaviors

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Interview and Interrogation Techniques:

Understanding Subject Reaction – Response Behaviors

Stan B. Walters, Instructor

( Approx. 3 hr Course with Quizzes. Certificate of Completion with Passing Score)

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Interview and interrogation techniques come in a wide range of philosophies and methodologies. The problem is that the vast majority are not based on any behavioral science research. Many are the result of nothing more than trial and error and more often than not just pure improvisation. The overall outcome of using such interview and interrogation techniques provides only marginal results at best.

When studied in depth and using active and adjudicated cases, research shows that interviewers can get consistent positive results.  Those interviewers have mastered three skills sets.  This course focuses on one of those particular skills – accurately recognizing and adjusting to their subject’s cognitive and emotional changes.

This course is applicable to you if you are in any for the following fields:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Fire Service
  • Military
  • Intelligence
  • Loss Prevention
  • Risk Management

During this interview and interrogation techniques training course
Your takeaways will include:

  • Recognize and understand the distinction between cognitive and emotional behaviors.
  • You will understand the difference between a subject who is reacting versus a subject who is responding.
  • You will understand how a reaction behavior affects an interview differently than a response behavior by your subjects.
  • You will learn the purpose behind your subject showing the following behaviors, how to accurately identify that behavior and the appropriate tactics you need to use.
      1. Anger
      2. Depression
      3. Denial
      4. Bargaining
      5. Acceptance.
  • The results will be a marked increase in the amount of information recovered and more compliance and cooperation from victims, witnesses as well as suspects.

Course includes quizzes and certificate awarded for a passing score.

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