The Truth About Lying: How to Spot a Lie & Protect Yourself From Deception

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The Truth About Lying: How to Spot a Lie & Protect Yourself from Deception

In The Truth About Lying,
Stan Walters will give you strategies that will –

  • Help you improve relationships
  • Help you improve your communication skills
  • Teach how to protect yourself from deception
  • and more importantly, how to get to the truth.

The Truth About Lying:
How to Spot a Lie & Protect Yourself From Deception

by Stan B. Walters
(Now published in 7 languages)

Communication skills can make a big difference in whether people tell you the truth or not. Knowing when to ask the next question, the behaviors that signal when the whole story isn’t being told and what questions to ask can help you cut through deception and lying so you can have confidence in your communications.

Based on the same methods used by law enforcement professionals and intelligence experts, but appropriate for everyday interactions, these skills and techniques can be applied in almost every situation:

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The Truth About Lying –
We’re not good at spotting deception!

  • In The Truth About Lying, you’ll learn the reliable signs of lying and deception..

  • You won’t miss the signs of lying because you are looking for the wrong
  • The Truth About Lying gives you the scientifically identified signs of lying …

    You will learn to identify the very few true signs of deception.

Learn how to recognize Anger as a sign of stress …

  • You’ll discover the tools you can use to defuse the angry person and
    improve communication.

The Truth About Lying –
We need to know how people “handle” the truth!

  • Accurately identify the cues to a person suffering reactive depression …
  • You get the skills you need to identify and help reduce that person’s pain.

Check out The Truth About Lying – DVD

Discover the signs of denial …

  • You’ll learn how to spot the verbal cues which is the heart of deception.

Explore the meaning of bargaining statements people make …

  • You’ll discover the right response you should make when someone is using this tool of evasion.

Explore the verbal and nonverbal signs of acceptance …

See Stan’s extensive YouTube Channel.

  • You learn not only when but how to ask for the truth from someone who has been deceptive.
  • The Truth About Lying: How Body Language Could Be Sabotaging Your Ability to Spot Deception

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