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Interview and Interrogation Techniques

Interview and Interrogation Techniques:

The Truth About Body Language and Deception.

Myth versus Facts
(60 min. course)

Stan B. Walters, Instructor

For decades the main staple of the vast majority of interview and interrogation techniques training has been to teach the ability spot deception by watching body language. Unfortunately the idea that body language is the unfailing source of deception cues has not lived up to the hype.

Interviewers along with the rest of the human population have been proven to still be woefully inaccurate at spotting liars by watching for nonverbal cues. Surprisingly the myths about body language cues and deception persist and a broad spectrum of investigators continue to cling to many of the disproved concepts.

According to extensive research as well as civil and criminal court cases, the root cause of the problem may be that these myths about body language and deception are still be perpetuated at some academies, in-service training as well as television, movies, and the media. 
This course will expose many of the myths and undercover the facts about body language and deception.

This interview and interrogation techniques course is applicable to you if you are in any for the following fields:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Fire Service
  • Military
  • Intelligence
  • Loss Prevention
  • Risk Management

Your takeaways for this course:

  • You will learn the truth about eye contact.
  • Explore the most common body language deception cue myths.
  • The concept of “like and dislike” reactions.
  • Discover the real the source of body language cues.
  • Learn ways to reduce the time spent on analysis.
  • Find out about the impact cultural, social influence, and personal experiences can have nonverbal cues.

This course is approximately 1 hour long. You will receive a certificate of completion after passing the final quiz.

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